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Secret Revealed: Ukrainian Armed Forces Obtain Additional Tools for Daily Destruction Of Russian Su Planes

Secret Revealed: Ukrainian Armed Forces Obtain Additional Tools for Daily Destruction Of Russian Su Planes

Planes get shot down over long distances.

The almost daily downing of Russian aircraft was made possible by the Air Force receiving “additional tools.”

Representative of the Air Force Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Yuri Ihnat spoke about this during the telethon.

“We can’t tell you the details. Airplanes are being destroyed in both the southern and eastern directions. We have means that work virtually every day; the occupiers already understand that a surprise may await them in one direction or another. The work is carried out almost daily, and the enemy does not feel as free as he did before,” he said.

According to Ihnat, the Air Force has received certain additional tools, and although they are not enough to cover the vast territory of the front line, this makes it possible to lie in wait for the enemy “where he becomes impudent.”

“They (airplanes — edit.) are destroyed at long distances. Of course, I would like to see Russian pilots — whether they ejected or not, a burning plane that is falling, but at a distance of 100 kilometers or more into the depths of the enemy’s defense it is unrealistic to see this,” the speaker said.

Ihnat noted that cases of frequent destruction of enemy aircraft over long distances are a serious psychological factor for Russian pilots.

“Look at the distances at which the A-50s were destroyed. By the way, today is the sixth day without the A-50 over the Sea of Azov, and this is a rather pleasant fact for us that the occupiers do not know how to continue using these aircraft if they can follow the steps of the Russian ship,” he said.

According to Ihnat, the downing of enemy aircraft gives the Ukrainian military an opportunity to catch their breath, because now defensive operations are underway, and guided bombs launched from these aircraft are a serious challenge.

“In order to throw a bomb further, you need to fly closer, because a controlled aerial bomb has a limited range of action in order to reach farther. But flying closer can be a one-way ticket, they understand this and act more carefully, and this gives our troops the opportunity to more or less catch their breath,” the speaker noted.

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