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Chinese Squeeze MAZ Out Of Russian Market

Chinese Squeeze MAZ Out Of Russian Market

There are more and more Chinese trucks in Russia.

Chinese car brands are increasing sales of trucks on the Russian market. This is evidenced by the data of the ASM-Holding analytical company.

According to the data of the ASM-Holding analytical company, 10432 new trucks (including special and specialised vehicles) were sold in Russia in February 2024. In January - February, 18139 trucks were sold, myfin.by notes.

The leader in the truck market is SITRAK. In February 2024, 2,294 new trucks of this brand were sold in Russia, which is 55.3% more than in February 2023.

If we talk about other Chinese brands, the situation looks like this:

Shacman (Shaanxi) increased sales from 1,188 trucks to 1,255 units,

FAW - from 795 to 882,

Dongfeng - from 64 to 696.

Russia's KAMAZ sold 1,661 trucks in February this year. A year earlier the figure was higher - 2057.

Sales of MAZ trucks on the Russian market remained almost at the level of last year. In February 2023, 440 units of trucks were sold, in February this year - 445.

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