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Crocus Terrorist Attack: Another Version

Crocus Terrorist Attack: Another Version

Was it a covert coup d'etat in Russia?

It is likely that the terrorist attack in the Crocus Hall was used by a group of politicians in the Russian Federation who, de facto, committed a covert coup d'état. So far, we can say with a high degree of probability that Nikolai Patrushev could become the main beneficiary.

We must begin with the fact that we cannot fully understand what it really was. The version about ISIS has inconsistencies (the main one is the lack of an ideological base among killers), and the Russian version raises many questions (primarily due to disorganization).

In the end, although it is important now, it is secondary. For me, the sharp radicalization of the entire Russian vertical of power is more important, which is already visible at all levels:

innovations with the return of the death penalty;

a change in Peskov's rhetoric and an obvious ban on any streamlined statements;

tough position of the Russian Ambassador to Poland and demonstration of unnecessary aggressiveness;

the use of "Zircons" [missiles - Ed.], etc.

All this together tells us about a sharp shift in the balance of power towards the most radical elements. Behind all this, we can see first of all the head of the Russian Security Council, politician No. 2 in the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev.

I want to note from the very beginning that in recent years there has been a rapprochement, and with a full-scale invasion, we can talk about the tandem of Patrushev and the head of Rostec Chemezov (in terms of influence, it is among the top 5 politicians of the Russian Federation). Combining these two figures now guarantees a complete advantage over all other towers. In other words, we see a sharp increase in the influence of one group with the tacit consent of all the others. Moreover, we see the adjustment of all the others to the new reality.

Of course, all this still needs to be followed, but so far it looks like Putin's native structure pressed their pet and takes away its backlash to create certain balances. The main game, by the way, is negotiations. All Russian rhetoric is now saturated exclusively with aggression and does not imply any compromises, even in detail.

I repeat, for now, we need to monitor this, because the situation is not static now, but is developing every day. And there is no need to wait for personnel decisions. First of all, it is necessary to follow the rhetoric. If this hypothesis is confirmed, this is a way out of any negotiations and a sharp move towards turning Russia into Iran. The advantage of this is that Patrushev will put the economy at the expense of the war.

Vadym Denysenko, Facebook

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