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Russian Oil Pipeline Destroyed In Feodosia

Russian Oil Pipeline Destroyed In Feodosia

The losses are enormous.

Atesh, the military movement of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars, confirmed the drone impact in Feodosia. According to Atesh, the oil pipeline was damaged and the occupiers were eliminating the consequences of the attack until the morning.

The damage suffered by the invaders was assessed by the partisans as colossal. Atesh reported on Telegram.

"The oil refinery of the invaders was destroyed in Feodosia. Agents of Athesh from the occupation authorities report that last night there was an impact on the oil pipeline in the city. The consequences were eliminated until the morning. The losses are colossal!" the message reads.

After powerful explosions in the temporarily occupied Feodosia on the night of March 3, the Russian Defence Ministry said that Ukraine launched 38 drones in Crimea, but all of them, according to the aggressor state, were allegedly shot down.

At the same time, after the night attack in Crimea, mass departures of ambulances were recorded, the invaders blocked a section of the Tavrida highway in the Feodosia Region.

As of noon (Kyiv time), the so-called "Minister of Transport" of the occupation "government" of Crimea, Nikolai Lukashenko, announced the launch of reverse traffic on the previously blocked section of the Tavrida highway. However, for some unknown reasons, even though the Russian air defence "shot down all the drones", the occupiers hope to fully restore traffic on this road only by the evening.

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