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Russia Gets Chinese 122-mm Shells

Russia Gets Chinese 122-mm Shells

The first photos were published.

Russia began to use 122-mm artillery shells, which look very similar to Chinese-made shells.

OSINT reported on X.

Artillery 122-mm high-explosive fragmentation shells of the long-range OF-56IM-1M, which the Russian army began to receive for the D-30 122-mm howitzers, have some similarities with the Chinese 122-mm shells.

It is not yet known whether these shells are produced on the territory of Russia or China transfers them directly.

It should be noted that the new OF-56IM-1m shells have a 4 km longer range than conventional 122 mm high-explosive fragmentation shells.

According to Russian sources, the arrival of new shells made it possible to overcome a strong deficit, since the pace of their production in the territory of the Russian Federation is low.

In addition to Chinese shells, Russia is actively using artillery shells produced by the DPRK during the hostilities, there are numerous supplies from the country for the artillery units of the occupiers on the territory of Ukraine.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky also spoke about it at the special meeting of the European Council.

“They are already hitting our cities - in addition to the Iranian Shaheds destroying our civilian infrastructure. Intelligence confirms that Russia will receive a million artillery shells from Pyongyang," Zelensky said.

The main advantage of ammunition produced by the DPRK is that they can be used for Soviet-style artillery systems.

It should also be noted that, according to Western intelligence, the DPRK has supplied Russia with more than 1 million artillery shells of various calibers.

The data by Frontelligence Insight OSINT experts shows that the lower bar for the number of shells delivered is 500,000 with input data in 2,000 shipped containers at the end of October 2023.

The data deals with the 122-mm and 152-mm shells for barrel artillery with sets of mechanical fuses RGM-2 to them.

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