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Nikki Haley Wins First Primaries Against Trump

Nikki Haley Wins First Primaries Against Trump

She'll get the votes of all D.C. electors.

Donald Trump's rival for the US Republican presidential nomination, Nikki Haley, has won her first symbolic victory in a series of primaries and caucuses - picking up a majority of votes in Washington DC and the District of Columbia.

Nearly 63% of Republicans voted for Haley in the metropolitan area, while 33% voted for Trump.

Haley will get the votes of all 19 electors from the District of Columbia, making her 43 electors. Trump has 247, and in total, through primaries and caucuses, Republicans choose 2,429 delegates to the party's convention, which will formally announce the presidential nominee in July.

Trump's campaign team said it was not surprised by Haley's victory in the "swamp," as the former president and his followers call Washington.

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