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Russian Aviation suffers Heavy Losses In East Of Ukraine

Russian Aviation suffers Heavy Losses In East Of Ukraine

Experts have stated the consequences.

The recent high losses of the Russian aviation has probably led to a significant decrease in their activity in eastern Ukraine, although it is still not clear how long this forced "pause" will last.

This is stated in the ISW report.

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, in the evening of March 2, the Russian aviation activity in eastern Ukraine was completely halted after the Ukrainians shot down two Russian Su-34 aircraft. Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Colonel Yury Ignat has also said that the decrease in Russian aviation activity continued on March 3.

It is noted that the Russian forces have lost 15 planes since February 17. According to analysts, the Russian army probably has about 300 different fighter jets by the Sukhoi Design Bureau. The previous aircraft losses have forced Russian army to reduce temporarily its air activity throughout Ukraine for significant periods of time, although it remains not clear how long the current "pause" will last.

The ISW experts also suggest that Russian forces may subsequently come to terms with increased air losses and continue attempts to conduct strikes with smart bombs to support Russian offensive operations. In such a case, Russian commanders would likely consciously take the risk of further counting of their aviation losses in pursuit of further tactical success in eastern Ukraine.

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