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Nadezhdin Denied Registration For Elections

Nadezhdin Denied Registration For Elections

The Russian politician has challenged the decision of the CEC in the Supreme Court.

The court of appeal of the Russian Supreme Court has ruled that the denial to satisfy the claim against the Central Election Commission, which banned Boris Nadezhdin from registering as a candidate in the presidential election, was lawful, Interfax reports.

On February 21, the Russian Supreme Court denied Nadezhdin's admission to the election. The politician's claim was rejected by Judge Oleg Nefedov, who had earlier recognised the non-existent "LGBT movement" as extremist and confirmed the ineligibility of another anti-war candidate, Ekaterina Duntzova. The same judge rejected Nadezhdin's other claim - the politician challenged the Central Election Commission's requirements for signature sheets.

Earlier Nadezhdin stated that he was also going to file a complaint with the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.

Thus, the CEC admitted only four candidates to the presidential election scheduled for March 2024: Nikolai Kharitonov, a member of the presidium of the CPRF Central Committee; Leonid Slutsky, leader of the LDPR; Vladislav Davankov, a representative of the New People; and incumbent Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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