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Ukraine Considers Paying Its Fighters Bonuses For Destroyed Russian Equipment

Ukraine Considers Paying Its Fighters Bonuses For Destroyed Russian Equipment

The Rada announced the tariffs.

The Verkhovna Rada wants to pass a bill that will provide bonuses for military personnel for the destruction of Russian equipment; it is supported by the Ministry of Defense and the military command. Secretary of the Parliamentary Defense Committee Roman Kostenko announced this in a comment to Ukrinform.

According to him, the document proposes establishing payments for the destruction or capture of enemy equipment.

The following prices have been established:

— Tank — 200-370,000 UAH;

— Self-propelled artillery installation or multiple launch rocket system — 200-370,000 UAH;

— Airborne or infantry combat vehicle, armored personnel carrier, command and staff vehicle, artillery system — 30-100,000 UAH;

— Other armored cars or trucks — 10-30,000 UAH;

— Anti-aircraft missile system — 200-370,000 UAH;

— Radar systems for air defense systems — 200-370,000 UAH;

— Anti-smuggling agent — 30-150,000 UAH;

— Electronic warfare equipment — 30-150,000 UAH;

— Reconnaissance drone or attack UAV — 30-100,000 UAH;

— Cruise and ballistic missile — 100,000 UAH;

— Airplane — 500,000 UAH;

— Military helicopter — 300,000 UAH;

— Long-range visual surveillance complex — 30,000 UAH;

— Warship — 300-500,000 UAH;

— Electronic reconnaissance equipment — 30-100,000 UAH.

It is also planned to provide a one-time payment to military personnel who entered into or extended contact in the Defense Forces after the start of a major war for a period of at least three years or until the end of martial law: 120,000 UAH for soldiers, 160,000 UAH for sergeants and petty officers and 200,000 UAH for officers.

At the same time, for those who have the right to resign from service for family reasons or health reasons, but have expressed a desire to continue serving, it is proposed to establish a monthly payment of 10,000 hryvnias.

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