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Belarusian Woman Falls Into Pension Trap Over Cohabitation

Belarusian Woman Falls Into Pension Trap Over Cohabitation

What's the catch?

A resident of Mahiliou found part of her work experience missing due to a combination of circumstances. Her story was told in the Federation of Trade Unions. Among the reasons for this situation are cohabitation and the inattention of the employer.

“A resident of Mahiliou complained about her “missing” work experience record. In 1992, she worked on a collective farm and lived in a cohabitation with her partner. Fellow villagers called her by the name of her future husband. Under it, the woman was recorded in the workday report card,” the Federation of Trade Unions details.

The woman was registered at work under her real name only after 10 months. However, this would lead to difficulties in the future.

“After 32 years, when granting a pension, the applicant was told that at that time, according to the documents, it was not she who worked on the collective farm. At the same time, the fact of her work is not disputed either by the agricultural organization or by numerous witnesses. The documents also confirm that. Going to court will help put an end to the absurd situation,” the official trade union clarifies.

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