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Shoigu Is Getting Ready For Global Ground, Air, Naval Strikes On Russia

Shoigu Is Getting Ready For Global Ground, Air, Naval Strikes On Russia

The Russian MoD revealed a scenario.

In the event of an attack on Russia, a rapid global strike will be launched on the country, followed by an air-land or air-naval operation.

Such a scenario is described in the Military Thought journal, which is published by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation (state agencies quote the article, but the article is not published on the website of the magazine).

The article reads that military formations of a new type, which are now being created in the West, will take part in military operations against Russia — "Joint Operation Forces" (JFO). They are interspecific compact, highly mobile multi-sphere groups of troops capable of inflicting a comprehensive defeat on the enemy's administrative, political and defence infrastructure in all spheres: land, sea, air, space and information in a short time.

"The most anticipated forms of application of the JFO are airland (naval) operations (campaigns). At the same time, they will begin with air (from 2030 — aerospace, in the future — space-air) offensive operations, consisting of a quick (instant) global strike and several (from 2–3 to 5–7) massive missile and air strikes," the article reads. At the same time, it is emphasized that the aviation will enter into hostilities one of the first "as the most manoeuvrable and adaptive type of troops, possibly even before the deployment of the main group".

Before the beginning of the active phase of the operation, the enemy's operational formations will conduct provocative, demonstrative, informational and other potentially aggressive actions, including to gain control over the situation, according to the article by the Military Thought. At the same time, the authors clarify that the combat and numerical composition of the enemy's peacetime JFO may count as 50–70% of the composition that will operate during the war.

In connection with the growing threat of a strike on Russia, the authors of the article call for an increase in the role of the Aerospace Forces in the overall structure of military conflicts. In particular, it is necessary to equip the Russian Aerospace Forces with new and modernized aircraft and drones, it is necessary to introduce promising automated control systems and improve intelligence support. In addition, it is necessary to develop new views on the organization of combat use of aviation forces both in peacetime and in wartime, the authors of the article concluded.

Before that, US President Joe Biden mentioned the risk of a direct military conflict with Russia. According to him, after the "capture of Ukraine", Russian President Vladimir Putin can attack NATO member states.

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