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Tyres Of Russian Military Cars Cut In Occupied Crimea

Tyres Of Russian Military Cars Cut In Occupied Crimea

Now they are looking for "saboteurs".

Unknown persons have cut tyres of Russian soldiers' vehicles in the temporarily occupied village of Novoozerne (Crimea). A total of four vehicles were damaged, obozrevatel.com writes.

Their "owners" said that first they themselves want to find the "hooligans", and if it does not work - they will turn to the police. The incident occurred at 17, Street of Paratroopers-Heroes, on the night of March 5.

"They cut the tyres on 4 servicemen's cars, maybe someone saw the hooligans - help to find them. If we find them ourselves, we will try to agree on compensation," reads the message of the local Z-public page.

Its authors sympathised with the occupants and said they would help "in any way". They even suggested a "civil investigation."

However, they then advised the Russian military to contact the police, although they warned that "there is little chance of finding the perpetrators" because the cars were "unsupervised and unguarded".

The Z-public pae also pointed out about the involvement of "saboteurs" in the incident, mentioning the pro-Ukrainian Telegram channel of "Crimean wind". In response to this they noted: "We are not there".

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