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Rostrum Rotted Under Lukashenka

Rostrum Rotted Under Lukashenka

Interesting observation.

The mobile speaker’s stand on Masherov Avenue in Minsk needs urgent maintenance. The Minskreklama Unitary Enterprise announced the tender offer for the repair of the rostrum structures on the website of the National Center for Marketing and Price Study, according to Nasha Niva.

We are talking about the rostrum near the Minsk Hero City Stele on Masherov Avenue, where the dictator Lukashenka hosts parades. The parades have not been held since 2020. This year it was scheduled for July 3.

The inspection revealed continuous corrosion of niche coating elements, corrosion of anchor bolts, metal support plates, chips, cracks, destruction of concrete walls of niches, paving stones. Garbage accumulated in the niches. Also, a deviation from the design state, buckling of the walls of the niches from the curbstone was recorded.

It is proposed to repair the niches so that atmospheric precipitation and debris do not fall there, providing surface drainage and/or ensuring the tightness of the structure.

The cost of work is not indicated, but it is known that in 2017, almost 118,000 Belarusian rubles were spent from the city budget for the reconstruction of the mobile stand on Masherov Avenue.

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