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AFU Colonel: Russia Boiling Over

AFU Colonel: Russia Boiling Over

Social explosion is imminent.

Yesterday, March 31, Russian dictator Putin signed a decree on spring conscription for compulsory military service in Russia. Between April 1 and July 15, 150,000 conscripts are scheduled to be called up for service.

Is this a hidden mobilisation? Charter97.org asked this and other questions to the Ukrainian military analyst, colonel in reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Petro Chernik:

- Partially, yes, there is a certain threat that in 6-8 months they will force someone to switch to a contract and send them to the occupation zone.

- Will this be a mass phenomenon?

- I think not. Shoigu (Russian Defence Minister - note) has sent a clear signal that they are creating 16 new brigades, 14 new divisions and two general armoured armies. Purely by the numbers: a brigade is up to 5,000 men, a division - 12,500. It is obvious that they need to be taken somewhere. There will definitely be a manoeuvre, but I don't think it will be highly scaled.

- A lot of people link the attack on the Crocus City Hall with the announcement of a general mobilisation in Russia. Are there any preconditions for this?

- I have no doubt that they have organised this terrorist attack themselves, but the question is the goal. What did they have in mind? We will not see that now. The history of special operations shows that, as a rule, such things (seriously documented) are revealed after 30-50 years, even more.

Perhaps Putin decided to untie his hands for mobilisation in this way. Maybe he is being set up in this way by one of the "Kremlin towers" to push him to cross "black lines," for example, to launch a tactical nuclear strike.

Some more time will have to pass before serious conclusions can be drawn. It also depends on whether there will be more terrorist attacks. Then the picture will be completed.

To summarise, firstly, Russia is boiling over, which is a very good thing. Secondly, Putin is not going to give up. That's dangerous. After all, they have between 1.5 and 3 million mobilisation resource, unfortunately. As I said earlier, this is an existential war: either we them or they us.

I emphasise that there is a growing crisis in Russia, and a social explosion is imminent. The only question is when and under what circumstances.

Putin has opened Pandora's Box, and I hope he will drown in it. We remember the fundamental rule: the empire must be destroyed. And so it will be. These are complex processes, as history shows, but everything is going in the right direction.

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