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Expert Explains Whom Military Camp Near Homel Will Host

Expert Explains Whom Military Camp Near Homel Will Host

Lukashenka found himself in a dangerous trap.

Lukashenka's decree increased funding for the construction of a military camp near Homel.

The Charter97.org website spoke with political expert, head of the Ukrainian Center for Military Legal Research, Oleksandr Musiyenko, about the purpose for which the Lukashists are building it:

— First of all, they always need to exert psychological pressure, they say, there may be an attack on Kyiv. Secondly, please note that construction is being delayed: more and more time and money are needed.

Lukashenka imitates the vigorous activity of preparations for war with Ukraine. This is necessary for the Russian Federation. Putin is pressing that such a military infrastructure should be on the border with Ukraine, and Lukashenka plays along with him.

Russia sets the conditions that they want to control, among other things, the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. Let me emphasize that this is not necessary for Belarus, but rather a requirement of the Russian Federation. This base will house Russian FSB agents, police officers, and military personnel. In what quantity, time will tell.

They need this in order to conduct reconnaissance and surveillance of the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. This town is a backup option (you never know what will happen) so that they have a military infrastructure facility. I repeat, Putin is thus trying to increase his presence on the border with Ukraine.

As for the training of the Belarusian troops, they are now really preparing for the event of an offensive and combat operations. Today, Lukashenka is in a dangerous trap, into which he led himself. Now he is trying to stall for time.

— Will this town near Homel become a target for the Ukrainian Armed Forces?

— You see that the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not attack the territory of Belarus. Now we have a dilemma, because as soon as the Russian Federation had a crisis with oil products, they increased imports from the Mazyr oil refinery.

The Mazyr oil refinery is within the reach of Ukrainian drones. It seems to me that Lukashenka, his regime and the Russian Federation are very afraid of this. What will happen if the same raid as the Russian volunteers carried out is repeated, for example, by the Kastus Kalinouski Regiment? This possibility also cannot be excluded.

The entire military infrastructure of Belarus, which is being developed and built in Homel and other places where they train and prepare their special forces, is within the reach of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

I’ll also note an interesting point: Lukashenka recently held a meeting at which he once again burst out about the Suwalki Gap. I think that in this way he is leaking information that Russia and Belarus may still (under certain circumstances) consider military operations to block this corridor.

Lukashenka is on the Kremlin’s hook. But at the same time, he is trying to save his own skin by postponing certain decisions and actions. He is now driven by the instinct of self-preservation.

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