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Traitor To Ukraine, Ex-SSU Officer Vitaly Prozorov Gets Blown Up In His Car In Moscow

Traitor To Ukraine, Ex-SSU Officer Vitaly Prozorov Gets Blown Up In His Car In Moscow

He switched sides to Russia and collaborated with the Kremlin’s intelligence services.

On April 12, a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado exploded in Moscow. It belonged to Vasily Prozorov, a traitor from among the former employees of the SSU, who had been working in the Russian Federation since 2014, and subsequently fled to the territory of the Russian Federation, obozrevatel.com reports.

The car exploded when the traitor turned the ignition key; according to preliminary data, he survived. This was reported by Russian media with reference to their own sources.

Russian media reported on April 12 about the explosion of a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in one of the Moscow districts. Initially, a possible rupture of an underground gas pipe was cited as the cause of the emergency.

“This version is being considered in parallel with the version of the assassination attempt on the owner of the SUV. One of the experts suggested that the gas could accumulate under the bottom and in the cavities of the car, and when the ignition was turned on, it could have ignited,” the Russian media wrote.

However, quite soon Russian investigators decided to settle on the version with an explosive device. This, propagandists write, was evidenced by the fact that the epicenter was close to the driver’s seat.

In addition, Mosgaz denied problems with communications.

“Gas communications are intact, everything is working as normal. Gas networks had nothing to do with the incident. The team promptly went to the site and confirmed this fact,” the utility workers said.

A little later, the media revealed the name of the owner of the exploded car: it turned out to be a former employee of the SSU of Ukraine Vasily Prozorov.

“The man moved to Russia several years ago, and before that, in his own words, since 2014 he had been collaborating with Russian intelligence services, passing on information to them about the progress of the ATO in eastern Ukraine. Today his foreign car exploded as soon as the man turned the ignition key. According to the main version, an explosive device went off. The Investigative Committee of Moscow opened a criminal case under the article “Attempted Murder,” the report noted.

After escaping to the Russian Federation, Prozorov “toured around” with press conferences, telling how he worked for the occupiers.

The traitor himself, according to reports, survived. According to the Russian opposition publication ASTRA, his legs were injured.

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