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Level Of Ural River Near Orenburg Exceeds Dangerous Mark

Level Of Ural River Near Orenburg Exceeds Dangerous Mark

By 224 cm.

The water level in the Ural River exceeded the dangerous mark by 224 cm, the authorities of the Orenburg region reported.

According to them, by 18:00 Minsk time the water level reached 1,154 cm, exceeding the dangerous mark by 224 cm. Thus, from 8:00 the water rose by 25 cm, of which 3 cm — in the last three hours.

Earlier in the day, authorities announced an evacuation in the village of Gazodobytchikov in the Orenburg District due to the risk of a dam failure. It was clarified that groundwater had begun to seep through the structure, which was washing away the embankment.

In early April, flooding began in the Orenburg region due to warming and rapid melting of ice. On the evening of April 5, an embankment dam broke in Orsk. A state of emergency of federal significance is in effect in the region. By the morning of April 12, 11.7 thousand residential buildings and 15 thousand household plots remained flooded in the Orenburg region.

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