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Ukrainian Navy Unveiled Details Of Operation To Destroy Moskva Cruiser

Ukrainian Navy Unveiled Details Of Operation To Destroy Moskva Cruiser

Ukraine attacked it exactly two years ago.

Speaker of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Dmytro Pletenchuk told the details of the attack on the Moskva cruiser by a Ukrainian missile, which happened exactly two years ago.

“Of course, luck is always an important element, but clear planning of the combat operation, patience and monitoring yielded results. When our naval command saw the opportunity to destroy the flagship, we were ready for this,” he said in an interview with Novosti.LIVE.

The spokesman stated that the enemy was not prepared for this attack.

“They didn’t even suspect that we had our own cruise missile or that we could even deliver fire,” the Navy spokesman said.

Pletenchuk recalled that on that fateful day the weather for the Russian fleet was cloudy and rainy, which also played an important role in the sinking of the flagship.

He said that the first missile after the hit actually left the ship without a sufficiently large number of management personnel.

“The crew could no longer receive the appropriate commands, and they did not work on their own initiative and therefore, of course, lost the ship. In addition, judging by the events that accompanied this operation, the enemy was moving at a slow pace. That is, the occupiers were not even afraid, and based on their imperial ambitions, they believed that they were on what they call an aircraft carrier killer, and they were untouchable,” the speaker said.

The operation lasted less than an hour. The Russians, having three echelons of air defense on their warship, according to Pletenchuk, did not even use them in full force.

The speaker said that two of the three air defense crews that were on the ship were completely silent.

“There was an impression that there were empty posts there, that’s why this typical Russian “I’m feeling lucky” once again worked against the bearers of this mentality,” said a representative of the Ukrainian Navy.

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