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Double Blow To Russian Armed Forces In Luhansk: What Is Known

Double Blow To Russian Armed Forces In Luhansk: What Is Known

Did the Ukrainian Armed Forces use a “new type of missile”?

In temporarily occupied Luhansk in the afternoon of April 13, two powerful explosions occurred, including in the area of the machine-building plant, after which a column of smoke was visible over the city. Subsequently, reports appeared about a strike on the occupiers’ repair base and the defeat of the invaders’ location.

Local public pages and a number of Telegram channels write about this. Russian propagandists announced a “missile strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine” on a bus station and an enterprise, quickly “establishing” that Luhansk was hit by German Taurus missiles, which Berlin stubbornly refuses to hand over to Ukraine.

The fact that “bavovna” could have visited Luhansk was reported at about 11:30 Minsk time.

According to journalist Denys Kazansky, it hit the barracks of the Russian occupiers.

“They report from Luhansk that Russian military personnel have arrived at the location. Smoke is rising from the impact site,” he wrote.

Kazansky later noted the power of the explosion.

“The strike on Luhansk is quite powerful. Reminds me of a KAB. A fire started at the landing site,” the journalist wrote.

After the explosion, local residents report, the occupiers in the regional center began to jam communications.

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