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Video Of Missile That Caused Powerful Explosions In Luhansk

Video Of Missile That Caused Powerful Explosions In Luhansk

Storm Shadow or Taurus?

In the afternoon of April 13, powerful explosions occurred in temporarily occupied Luhansk.

The Russian invaders complained that the attack was carried out by a “new type of missile.”

The missile that hit objects in the occupied city was shown online, too.

The corresponding video was published in Russian Telegram channels.

Some time after the explosions, it was suggested online that Ukrainian military personnel used Storm Shadow or Taurus air-launched cruise missiles for the attack. Moreover, the occupiers stated that the Ukrainian Armed Forces used a new type of missiles.

However, as is known, German Taurus cruise missiles are not in service with Ukrainian troops. It is worth noting that the distance from the nearest point on the front line to the attacked machine-building plant in Luhansk is more than 80 km.

At the same time, the chieftain of the terrorist organization “LPR” Leonid Pasechnik complained that civilian objects were allegedly attacked in Luhansk. At the same time, he confirmed that the blow hit the Luhansk machine-building plant, where the occupiers planned to launch production soon.

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