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Artist Yuri Kuklachev Suffers Heart Attack At His Anniversary Concert

Artist Yuri Kuklachev Suffers Heart Attack At His Anniversary Concert

The day before, he called for bombing Europe.

Russian circus artist Yuri Kuklachev, who supported aggression against Ukraine, underwent emergency surgery.

It became known that Yuri Kuklachev almost died at his own anniversary concert in the Vegas Hall near Moscow.

The incident was reported on the evening of April 12 by Russian media, Dialog.UA. reports.

75-year-old Kuklachev was taken away from his own anniversary concert by an ambulance.

The artist felt unwell during the performance. According to the preliminary information, he had a heart attack. The surgery lasted three hours. Doctors assess his condition as serious.

Shortly before his hospitalization, Kuklachev called on the Kremlin to strike at Europe, which, in his opinion, plans to make Russians slaves by implanting chips in them.

The clown justified the Islamic State terrorists who staged a bloody terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall concert hall in the Moscow region.

“The entire Western world has taken up arms against us. And the Muslim world, on the contrary, is for us,” Kuklachev assured after the terrorist attack.

The Russian circus performer ignored the fact that ISIS took responsibility for the attack on Crocus, blaming the West for the incident.

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