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Israel Shot Down 99% Of Iranian Shaheds And Missiles Repelling Attack

Israel Shot Down 99% Of Iranian Shaheds And Missiles Repelling Attack

(Being updated) The US, UK, France and Germany supported Israel.

Iran attacked Israel with kamikaze drones, cruise and ballistic missiles.

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16:31 A meeting of the meeting of the Military Cabinet began in Israel. It can be decided at this meeting what the response to Iran's attack will be.

13:05 Jordanian Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh said any escalation in the region would lead to “dangerous paths” and called on all parties to reduce it. He added that U.S. air defence systems intercepted and shot down dozens of Iranian drones and missiles flying over the country's airspace toward Israel overnight. The politician warned that the country's armed forces would “oppose any attempt by any party” that would attempt to jeopardize Jordan's security.

12:55 The Israelis, not frightened by Iran’s night attack, due to which the country's airspace was closed for several hours, gathered at Ben Gurion Airport and waited for their flights to make their planned trips before the Passover holiday. In Tel Aviv, it is estimated that due to the cancellation of many flights, during the day only about 30,000 (not more than fifty thousand) passengers will fly out of the airport.

12:50 A seven-year-old girl who was injured on the evening of April 13 during the interception of an Iranian ballistic missile near the city of Arad in southern Israel underwent surgery at the Soroka Medical Center. According to The Times of Israel, she suffered a severe head injury when the wreckage of a rocket fell on her family's home. Currently, the child's health condition is stable, She is in the children's intensive care unit of the hospital.

12:30 The IDF denied reports that residents of the Gaza Strip were allegedly allowed to return to the north of the enclave. They said that this area is still a zone of hostilities between Israel and Hamas terrorists, so it will not be possible to return there.

11:45 Major Middle Eastern airlines cancelled some of their flights to Tel Aviv and Amman, while others were forced to change routes after Iran launched dozens of drones and missiles against Israel. The attack prompted similar announcements from Lebanon, Egypt, and Kuwait.

11:20 Hamas is on Iran’s side in the attack on Israel involving a large wave of strike drones and missiles. The terrorists called the attack “a natural right and a deserved response to the crime of attacking the Iranian consulate in Damascus and killing several leaders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).”

11:05 Iran warned Israel against “revenge,” saying it would launch an even larger attack on its territory if it retaliated against its night strikes. Moreover, Tehran has threatened to hit US bases if Washington supports Tel Aviv's counterattack.

10:50 The Institute for the Study of War noted that Iran's attack on Israel is similar to Russia's attack on Ukraine. Experts believe that the aggressor country of the Russian Federation tested Shaheds and ballistics on the Ukrainian infrastructure so that Iran, planning attacks on Israel, could assess the protection of Western air defence systems.

10:30 Lebanese media reported Israeli strikes near the town of Nabi Chit in the Baalbek district in the northeast of the country. Footage posted online shows smoke rising over the city. Baalbek, formerly known as Hezbollah's stronghold, is located about 100 km from the Israeli border.

9:55 President Isaac Herzog expressed his gratitude to Israel's forces and allies after Iran launched a large wave of hundreds of strike drones and missiles against the country.

“Bless you dear soldiers and commanders of the IDF and IAF. Bless the coalition of nations led by the US. Bless my sisters and brothers, the people of Israel, for their exceptional show of resilience. Together, the forces of good will overcome the forces of evil," he said.

9:30 Israel's Chief Military Spokesman, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, said France was among the countries involved in defending against Iran's night attack. He stressed that the country has outstanding technologies, jets and radars that help in patrolling the airspace.

8:50 The US Congress called on US troops to strike Iran in response to the attack on Israel, and are also going to hold Tehran accountable for the attack. American leader Joe Biden convenes consultations with G7 allies to develop a response to the attacks. For its part, the UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting to discuss developments in the Middle East.

8:30 Jordan reopened its airspace after closing it on Saturday evening when Iran launched drones and missiles at Israel.

8:20 Beijing expressed “deep concern” over Iran's attack on Israel and called on “relevant parties to exercise calm and restraint” to prevent further escalation. A spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry said the international community, “especially influential nations, have a constructive role to play for peace and stability in the region.”

8:00 a.m. Seven hours after the Iranian attack, Israel reopened its airspace at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, the country's airport authorities said. This is expected to affect flight schedules from Tel Aviv and passengers should check their departure/arrival times.

7:50 IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari clarified that 99% of the approximately 300 shells fired by Iran against Israel overnight were intercepted by air defence systems. According to him, Iran launched 170 UAVs, and all of them were shot down outside the country by the army and allies. Also, none of the 130 cruise and 120 ballistic Iranian missiles penetrated Israeli airspace. Hagari confirmed that there had been minor damage to the infrastructure in Nevatima, but that the airbase was operating normally.

7:30 In assessing the situation on the morning of April 14, “no decision was made on Israel's response to the Iranian missile and drone attack,” an Israeli official told The Times of Israel. He clarified that a potential response would be discussed that day at a meeting of the war cabinet, which is scheduled for 15:00.

7:10 After assessing the situation in the country, Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant said that they managed to stop Iran's main attack. At the same time, he warned that "the campaign has not yet ended."

“Tonight, Israel withstood hundreds of missiles and drones, and the IDF stopped the attack. The whole world saw Iran as it is – a terrorist state that attacks Israel from a distance of 1,500 kilometers and tries to activate all its networks. We must be attentive to the instructions of the IDF rear command and be ready for any scenario," the general said.

6:55 IDF fighters struck a number of military installations in a compound belonging to the Radwan Hezbollah forces in the Jbaa area of southern Lebanon. This was reported by the IDF Press Service, noting that earlier in the night, Israeli aircraft attacked Hezbollah military facilities in the areas of Khiam and Kfarkela.

6:50 Israel is preparing a response to the Iranian attack that will be coordinated with allies, The New York Times reported, citing an Israeli official. At the same time, US President Joe Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the Americans would not help any IDF counterattack on Iran.

6:25 Israeli media report that not a single drone or cruise missile managed to penetrate Israeli airspace. According to them, the Jordanian Air Force also "intercepted and shot down dozens of Iranian UAVs" that violated the country's airspace and were heading to Israel. The Guardian writes that the British air force also participated in the interception of Iranian drones.

6:30 on Sunday night, during Iran's attack on Israel, the U.S. Army intercepted more than 70 drones and at least three ballistic missiles, CNN reported, citing unnamed U.S. officials. One source said that warships in the eastern Mediterranean intercepted ballistic missiles.

6:00 Iran launched about 185 drones, 110 surface-to-surface missiles and 36 cruise missiles at Israel, two Israeli officials said. While most of the targets were launched from Iran, some also flew from Iraq and Yemen, they said.

2:54 Israel is preparing for several days of confrontation with Iran, Kan radio reports.

2:53 Iran fired a total of 150 missiles at Israel, ABC News reported.

2:47 The Permanent Representative of Israel states that Iran has violated the UN Charter and poses a threat to peace and security.

2:35 An adviser to the Israeli prime minister claims that an Iranian ballistic missile was intercepted while attempting to attack the historic center of Jerusalem.

2:28 Shot down by an Iranian missile in the Jordanian capital.

2:17 Iran launched a new batch of drones against Israel.

2:07 It is reported that one of the targets of the Iranian attack was the Knesset building.

2:02 The UK Ministry of Defence said that Royal Air Force (RAF) fighters in the Middle East would shoot down Iranian-launched drones and missiles.

1:58 Jerusalem now.

1:55 Jordanian air defence forces shoot down missiles launched by Iran.

1:52 Air defence is working over Israel.

1:51 Iran's mission to the UN says it considers the attack on Israel “completed.”

1:47 Air raid sirens sound in the Dead Sea area.

1:44 Air raid sirens are sounding in southern Israel.

1:43 The IDF officially confirms: Iran launched ballistic missiles against Israel.

1:38 It was reported that more than 100 UAVs launched by Iran on Israel have already been intercepted.

1:27 ABC reports that the US shot down a number of Iranian UAVs heading towards Israel.

1:20 The IDF announced that starting tomorrow, educational activities will be banned throughout Israel. Assemblies of more than 1,000 people are also prohibited.

1:15 Iran launched dozens of missiles against Israel.

1:03 Dozens of Israeli planes are in the air and ready to shoot down Iranian aircraft, the New York Times reports.

0:57 An Iranian cruise missile was spotted over Iraq.

0:43 Arab media report that American forces in the region are shooting down Iranian UAVs over Iraq and Syria. The protection network includes Jordan and other Arab countries, which either opened their airspace to American and British aviation, or themselves shoot down Iranian UAVs, the Vesti Israel website writes.

0:39 US President Joe Biden's administration is preparing for a "major attack" by Iran on Israel.

The targets will be government facilities, says NBC.

0:35 Northern Israel was attacked by drones from Lebanon, the Israeli army said. The IDF responded with an airstrike on Hezbollah facilities.

0:25 ABC NEWS experts predict that in total, Iran can launch from 400 to 500 UAVs and missiles at Israel, both from its territory and from Iraq, Syria, southern Lebanon and Yemen.

0:19 Israel begins intercepting Iranian drones over Jordan and Syria

Jordan introduced a state of emergency and opened its airspace to Israeli Air Force fighters.

0:13 The Jordanian authorities have warned of their readiness to shoot down Iranian UAVs flying towards Israel in their airspace, The The Times of israel reports, citing sources.

The military, as the newspaper notes, is ready to "intercept any Iranian drones or aircraft violating Jordanian airspace."

Earlier, the Israeli Air Force was put on alert, military aviation took up in the sky.

Washington said on Saturday that Iran could attack Israel early in the morning on April 14.

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