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Car Queues To Leave Lithuania For Belarus Ran For Kilometers

Car Queues To Leave Lithuania For Belarus Ran For Kilometers

There is a curious detail.

The queue of cars to leave Lithuania for Belarus stretches for three kilometers.

This situation has developed at the Medininkai checkpoint. Interestingly, approximately 40% of these cars have transit registration, according to the logistics portal Infotrans Media Belarus.

Many drivers try to smuggle cars across the Lithuanian border, although they have documents for crossing the Polish border. Lithuanian border guards are halting these cars.

Poland banned the export of transit cars worth more than 50,000 euros and with an engine volume of more than 1.9 liters to Belarus. It was reported that Lithuania introduced a similar ban.

According to the State Border Committee, the difficult situation of leaving Belarus towards the European Union remains. So, at the checkpoint in Brest, 100 cars and 45 buses are waiting to leave for Poland.

At the Kamenny Loh checkpoint on the border with Lithuania, 790 trucks and 40 cars are waiting, in the Beniakoni – 700 trucks and 30 cars. 815 trucks are waiting for departure to Latvia, cars pass the border faster.

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