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Lukashists Start Complaining About China

Lukashists Start Complaining About China

Beijing is squeezing Belarusian goods from the Russian market.

Minister of Industry Aliaksandr Rahożhnik complained in an interview to the ONT TV channel about the problems with the export of Belarusian tractors. The main reason is competitors from China.

"There is a slowdown in some commodity groups. There was a slowdown in tractors in 2023. There was a slowdown in refrigerators and freezers. But in general, the Ministry of Industry is significantly exceeding the government's targets. Only 10 years ago, no one had heard about the production of tractors in China in the same price and quality segment that the Republic of Belarus had. Today, a significant number of manufacturers from China have entered our main market, the Russian Federation. They are already competing with us not only in price, but also in quality," said Rahozhnik.

According to him, China imported more than 12 thousand tractors to Russia last year. Rahozhnik added that the same trend is observed with other products:

"Everything concerning the group of refrigerators and freezers, the situation is very similar. The task that is set is not only to expand the nomenclature, but also to improve the quality and competitiveness of these products".

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