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Governor Of Russian Tyumen Region Says About Threat Of Bursting Several Dams

Governor Of Russian Tyumen Region Says About Threat Of Bursting Several Dams

And announces urgent evacuation.

People in Tyumen region of the Russian Federation will have to be evacuated from possible waterlogged zones, the region's governor Alexander Moor said on his Telegram channel. According to his data, the water level in the Ishim River will be significantly higher than expected, due to which the probability of dams bursting is growing, The Moscow Times writes.

"I appeal to residents: our experts have gone round all the houses in the areas threatened by high water. You are aware of the impending danger. We personally notified everyone. Pack your valuables, leave immediately to a safe place - to relatives or to a shelter. We will provide you with everything you need," the governor wrote.

The authorities believe that the water level in the Ishim River may reach 1,170 centimetres. Now the emergency regime has been declared in Tyumen region, 51 settlements, 1847 residential houses and 7291 people are under the threat of flooding. Flooding may occur near the border with Kazakhstan within two to three days. The most difficult situation with water coming to the floodplains is expected by April 20, with the peak on April 23-25. The Tyumen region authorities have formed a grouping of more than 12 thousand people and more than 2.6 thousand units of machinery.

The consequences of major floods are being felt by residents of several Russian regions at once. Thousands of houses are already in the flood zone, rescuers are massively evacuating people.

The authorities of Kurgan region warned that "a colossal volume of water is flowing towards the regional capital" and the water level in the Tobol River continues to grow. In Orenburg region, the water level in the Ural River has been decreasing over the past few days, but the local authorities still describe the situation in the region as tense.

There is a threat of emergency due to flooding in Novosibirsk Oblast. There the rivers of Inya, Berd, Tara and Tartas may overflow. In some districts of Buryatia the authorities have introduced a state of high readiness, temporary accommodation centres have been deployed. In Omsk region, the Ministry of Emergency Situations employees earlier started preventive work to minimise the consequences of flooding. The emergency regime was introduced in some districts of Tomsk region, 76 temporary accommodation centres with a capacity of 11.8 thousand people were prepared in the region.

The city of Orsk in Orenburg Oblast suffered the most from the flood, where on April 5 the dam protecting the settlement from the Ural River broke. As a result, the water flooded Orsk and reached Orenburg, in total more than 15 thousand houses were flooded in the region, thousands of people were evacuated. As "Important Stories" managed to find out, at least five local residents could become victims of the flooding in Orenburg region - four of them lived in Orsk, another one died in a village near the regional capital.

In 2014, the hydraulic structure was built for almost 1 billion rubles by a company close to the local authorities. As the head of the Russian Ministry of Construction, Irek Faizullin, said after the incident, the dam in Orsk was an earthen rampart, which cannot cost 1 billion rubles. According to preliminary data, the amount of damage from the flooding in Orenburg Region alone may exceed 40 billion rubles.

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