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Where Did It Come From?

Where Did It Come From?
El Murid

Two options can clarify what happened in Tatarstan.

The news of the day is the attack of objects on the territory of Tatarstan. Why? Because it completely stands out from previous similar events in Kyiv. The range is too long for a direct flight of a drone from the territory of Ukraine to the point of impact. It's like if the Luftwaffe bombed Omsk or Birobidzhan.

Either way, a hundred kilometres can still be explained by the refinement of the device and an additional fuel supply, but four hundred do not fit into any direct explanations.

Two options can clarify what happened. And they both raise questions.

The first — obvious — the launch of the drone was carried out from the territory of Kazakhstan. Not a passing beam, but 600 kilometres is not 1200 for sure. But it also means an inevitable consequence. If the GUR (Ukrainian Defence Intelligence Service - Ed.) has the opportunity to attack Russian objects from the territory of Kazakhstan (and this, by the way, is 7,000 kilometres of the border between Kazakhstan and Russia, that is, there is no technical possibility of control from either side, or from this side, plus the complete absence of at least some hint of an air defence system), then the Urals, Altai and Siberia are in the zone of potential strikes up to Krasnoyarsk: Omsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo. Also, in addition to industrial facilities, the Trans-Siberian Railway. If we take the northern regions, then Surgut and Noyabrsk — that is, the deposit zones — fall into the new zone.

The second option is no better: the attack could be carried out by a sabotage group that advanced on the territory of Russia, assembled a drone here and used it directly from Russia.

Then the consequence of this looks even cooler — a sabotage group can appear anywhere. And you can measure the distance to the borders with neighboring countries with a ruler, but this no longer matters.

Again, the question arises about Kazakhstan, since there is no and cannot be a border with it – well, it is impossible not only to cover up but at least to understand approximately what is happening at seven thousand kilometers. Although in the “Russian mythology”, the northern part of Kazakhstan is Russian, but it is also Ukrainian – there are more than enough immigrants from Ukraine there. The so-called Grey Wedge. It is quite possible to find there people and structures that are quite friendly to Ukraine and much less friendly to Russia.

Once again, I want to say that the idea of an armed struggle against people with very serious experience and traditions of guerrilla warfare is not the best, although it is generally difficult for the Russian leadership to find ideas that can be positively characterized. But this one stands out. By the way, the same can be said about another partisan people – Belarusians. It's good that ingenious thoughts come to the heads of the Russian leadership in a chaotic and random way, and then how to know...

In general, the story of the attack on Tatarstan, due to its peculiarity, clearly stands out from the usual picture, and if this is not a one-time event, then we can soon see the consequences of it.

El Murid, Telegram

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