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Man Sets Himself On Fire Near Court Where Donald Trump Is Being Tried

Man Sets Himself On Fire Near Court Where Donald Trump Is Being Tried

Before this, the man scattered colorful leaflets.

In New York, in front of the courthouse where the trial of former US President Donald Trump is ongoing, an unknown person attempted self-immolation on Friday afternoon. According to eyewitnesses, the young man scattered colorful leaflets, and then doused himself with flammable liquid and set himself on fire. Police extinguished the flames using fire extinguishers, and the victim was taken to a nearby hospital with extensive burns. His condition is assessed as extremely serious.

So far the police have not said what the motives for this act were. The BBC, citing witnesses, reports that he followed Trump's trial: he was seen in the courtroom every day.

Representatives of the New York police said at a briefing that the victim's name is Maxwell Azzarello, he is a native of Florida. He's 37 years old. The leaflets he dropped before setting himself on fire contained information that law enforcement determined to be conspiracy theories.” In particular, the leaflets referred to some kind of persecution in which American government agencies and universities are jointly participating.

Donald Trump himself left the court after news of the incident.

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