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Powerful Explosion At Military Base In Iraq

Powerful Explosion At Military Base In Iraq

The airstrike took place around midnight.

South of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, a powerful explosion rocked a military base used by the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF). This was reported by Reuters, citing its own sources.

A powerful explosion occurred late on Friday, April 19.

“Both security sources said the explosion was the result of an unknown airstrike that occurred around midnight on Friday,” the report said.

The publication clarifies that both sources claimed the strikes had not resulted in casualties, but caused material damage.

According to Reuters, the strikes were aimed at the PMF headquarters at the Kalso military base near the city of Iskandariyah, about 50 kilometers south of Baghdad.

Does PMF have ties to Iran?

The PMF began its activities as a group of armed factions, many of which were close to Iran, but was later recognized by the Iraqi authorities as the official security force of their state.

The factions that were part of the PMF engaged in months-long missile and drone attacks on US forces in Iraq amid the Israeli campaign in Gaza, but stopped doing so in February 2024.

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