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Denmark To Give Ukraine Its Entire F-16 Fleet

Denmark To Give Ukraine Its Entire F-16 Fleet

The deadline has been announced.

Copenhagen gives Ukraine all its F-16 fighter jets, they should be in Ukraine this summer, said Danish Ambassador to Ukraine Ole Egberg Mikkelsen.

In an interview with We Are Ukraine, the diplomat was asked if Ukraine should be worried about the recent news that Denmark has sold 24 fighter jets of this type to Argentina. "Don't worry, there will definitely be planes for Ukraine. This is our entire F-16 fleet, which is now being decommissioned because we are getting a new generation of F-35 planes," Mikkelsen said.

According to him, some of the fighter jets will be delivered to Argentina, but Ukraine will receive the number that was agreed upon. "There is nothing to worry about. The F-16s will be delivered as promised," he emphasised.

Last summer, the country's Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced that they would hand over 19 US F-16 fighter jets to the Ukrainian army.

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