30 May 2024, Thursday, 13:47
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Floodwater Sweeps Belarus

Floodwater Sweeps Belarus

The R-28 road was flooded in the Miadzel District.

Belhydromet reports that the water level in the Prypiats River near Petrykau is 20 cm higher than the dangerous high mark.

Some river bank areas in several areas of the Homel region and the Luninets District of the Brest region are flooded.

On Sunday evening, the R-28 Minsk-Maladzechna-Narach road was flooded in the Miadzel District.

A 15-meter section of the two-lane road of republican significance was flooded. 25 meters of the roadside was blurred. Traffic was interrupted.

Seven vehicles were working on the spot. The flooded area was backfilled. A detour was organized.

At 23:10 the traffic was restored to one lane. Restoration work will continue today.

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