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Chekists Appointed To All Possible Positions In Belarus

Chekists Appointed To All Possible Positions In Belarus

The KGB agents even got to the circus.

The State Security Committee has long become a source of manpower for the ruler, but after the protests in 2020, it seems that Aliaksandr Lukashenka is trying to appoint them to all possible positions.

What are the KGB agents in charge of now? Salidarnasts writes about it.

Communication and Technology

The most recent example is the appointment of Uladzimir Kozyr, former head of the KGB department for Minsk and Minsk region, as head of the MTS mobile operator.

Last year, Aliaksandr Bazanau, former press secretary of the State Security Committee, became head of the secretariat of the High Technology Park Supervisory Board. The owner of the HTP company GameMod is the former head of the KGB press service, Dzmitry Pabiarzhyn.

Vadzim Zaitsau, former KGB head, has been the general director of the Cosmos TV cable TV provider for more than 10 years.

Enterprises and Organisations

A common phenomenon in Lukashenka Belarus is the appointment of Chekists as deputies to large and important enterprises and organisations to control the employees and management. Since 2020, KGB officers have been actively carrying out purges, searching for dissidents and getting rid of them.

One example of such personnel decisions is the appointment of former KGB deputy chairman Aleh Chernyshau as deputy chairman of the National Academy of Sciences in 2021.

There is also a Chekist in the management of Belteleradiocompany. Andrei Ivanets is one of the deputy chairmen there.

Lukashenka's Aides

Chekists look after not only directors and employees of enterprises, but also "governors". In 2020, former KGB chief Valery Vakulchyk became assistant to the president - inspector for Brest region.

And in 2021, deputy chairman of the State Security Committee Uladzimir Kalach was appointed assistant to the president - inspector for Minsk region.

Power Agencies

Lukashenka likes to appoint Chekists to the positions in other security agencies. A couple of months ago, he made Andrei Sambuk, former head of the KGB investigation department, the head of the Financial Investigation Department (FID) of the State Control Committee.

Dzmitry Hora, another former head of the KGB investigative department, has been in charge of the Investigative Committee for several years.

"House Of Representatives"

Former first deputy chairman of the KGB Ihar Serheyenka was recently "elected" "chairman" of the "lower house of parliament".

There are other reliable from Lukashenka's point of view ears and eyes in the new composition of the "house of representatives". Andrei Anisimau, former deputy chief of the Hrodna Region KGB Department, was "elected" from Hrodna-Leninski District No. 51, and Andrei Krupenkin, former deputy chief of the Brest Region KGB Department, was elected from Brest-Border District No. 4.

Post Office, Hunters' Association, Circus

Sometimes, people from the KGB are appointed to leadership positions in the most unexpected places. For example, the mentioned deputy Anisimau used to manage Belposhta in Hrodna.

Last year, a former employee of the KGB central apparatus, Mikhail Hlushakou, was appointed director of the National Historical Archive.

Former head of the KGB investigation department and head of the Interior Ministry Ihar Shunevich has been running the Belarusian Association of Hunters and Fishermen (BOOR) for several years.

And even the Belarusian State Circus has been headed by the former Chekist Uladzimir Shaban for more than 10 years....

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