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This Never Happened Before: AFU Show Latest Tactics To Break Through Russian Defence

This Never Happened Before: AFU Show Latest Tactics To Break Through Russian Defence

Unique video.

Soldiers of the 63rd separate mechanised brigade of the AFU showed the combat use of a ground kamikaze drone.

The video was released by the press service of the military unit in social networks.

A Ukrainian drone under the control of the operator attacks the positions of the Russian occupants.

The movement and combat use of the ground drone was monitored by the AFU copter.

The video shows the Russians moving in the trenches between the dugouts.

At this time, the Ukrainian wheeled drone approaches the Russian positions, stops over the infantry cover and explodes.

The explosion destroys part of the fortifications the Russians were using. A huge hole is created at the detonation site.

"This drone is born to crawl and cannot fly. But this does not prevent it from spectacularly blowing up the Russians - another know-how from the 23rd Independent Rifle Battalion within the 63rd Brigade. We are developing, moving forward, destroying the enemy in every possible way!" noted the 63rd Brigade.

Earlier, the same brigade showed the combat use of a ground drone for remote mining.

Then the drone on wheels drove up to the Russian positions, unloaded two anti-tank mines and stealthily returned back, after which there was an explosion.

Also, a Ukrainian ground-based Ratel S kamikaze drone blew up a bridge in the village of Ivanivske in Donetsk Region to complicate the occupiers' logistics in the Bakhmut direction.

The video shows how the remote-controlled platform loaded with explosives reaches its target and explodes, striking the bridge's structures. Ratel S is a ground-based drone from developers, members of the Brave1 cluster.

The military use it as a carrier for anti-tank mines as well as other tasks.

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