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Fire Breaks Out In Mariupol As Result Of Mysterious 'Fly-In'

Fire Breaks Out In Mariupol As Result Of Mysterious 'Fly-In'

The barracks of the Russian occupants are burning.

In the evening of Monday, April 22, a large-scale fire broke out in the left-bank districts of Mariupol. Before that, a fly-in into the barracks of the invaders was reported in the city, however, the Russians claim that the reeds are burning.

Adviser to the city mayor Petro Andryushchenko reported this on Telegram.

"Mariupol. Strange miracles. NotThunder and suddenly something caught fire. Under the downpour with hail. Ignited. The occupier says "not a fly-in", but well, you get it. Sudden fire in the rain from thunder," he wrote.

Andryushchenko reported that the whole of Mariupol is watching the fire on the left bank.

"Thunder, aha. Thunder. Well, well. In the morning we will know what not-exploded there," he added.

Andryushchenko later wrote that the occupiers reported a "reed fire".

"They did not come up with anything better than the version "the reed is burning". Given that the city of the fire has no reed, no river, and no puddle with a frog. There is not even a fountain," he reported.

The mayor's advisor also published a monitoring map showing the approximate areas of the fly-in and noted that barracks are located there.

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