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'Freak Show': Efficiency Of Russian Skull Tanks Revealed In Germany

'Freak Show': Efficiency Of Russian Skull Tanks Revealed In Germany

It is known about two such armoured vehicles.

Russian forces have built at least two tanks with huge superstructures. They have already been dubbed "skull tanks". The Bild has analysed the effectiveness of the Russian Armed Forces' "innovations".

During the assault operations in Krasnohorivka, the occupants for the first time showed a T-72 with a large superstructure. The machine was later destroyed in a hangar by the Ukrainian military. However, the Russian Federation has another skull tank, which as far as is known is still not damaged. Russian propagandist Alexander Sladkov has published additional photos of the skull tanks. In the caption to the post, he claims that this is not "due to poverty" but due to the lack of a reliable defence system against FPV drones.

At least two vehicles were shown. A T-72 "tsar brazier" was added to the first, and wooden ammunition boxes were added to the second. They are probably filled with sand. In addition, there is a brazier with camouflage netting, wood and even stones.

Therefore, analyst Julian Repke calls Russian "refinements" of tanks "freak show", However, he notes that skull tanks give a relative result, which allows the Russian Armed Forces to reduce at least partially the losses in people and hardware.

It is worth noting that both skull tanks were used by the occupants in Krasnohorivka. Defence Express experts also noted that such a self-made box over the tank allows it to perform tasks. It was able to travel 3-7 kilometres on the battlefield. The FPV drone may be ineffective against the skull tank, but it may also be evidence of a shortage of anti-tank weapons.

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