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Huge Scandal In Russian Army: Russian Troops Shot Their Soldiers By Mistake

Huge Scandal In Russian Army: Russian Troops Shot Their Soldiers By Mistake

The propagandists began to urgently "turn coat".

A grandiose scandal broke out in the Russian army: it turned out that the soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces accidentally shot each other under Ocheretino.

At the same time, they were sure that they had eliminated "traitors from the Russian Volunteer Corps" who were fighting on the side of Ukraine.

The day before, on Sunday, Z-propagandists happily published footage of the Russian military from Ocheretino, claiming to have destroyed the enemy, showing a whole group of dead soldiers. The dead were in NATO uniform, they had Russian passports with them, dialog.ua writes.

However, two days later, the truth surfaced. The dead were Russian soldiers from the 30th Brigade.

It was possible to identify one of them according to the documents that were captured in the video: the passport of the school principal from Kemerovo Andrey Shinkarenko, who was one of the dead, was filmed on a mobile camera.

In this regard, a scandal instantly broke out, and Z-propagandists began to urgently change their shoes and prepare a new version that the Russian assault group allegedly died not from the fire of their colleagues, but in the "heroic battle with the Armed Forces of Ukraine".

This is not the first time that the Russian military has killed its own colleagues by mistake.

Earlier, information was received about how the artillery unit confused the coordinates of the target and broke its positions.

Also, Russian aircraft dropped bombs, destroying the units of the Russian Armed Forces.

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