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Belarusians Of Ukraine Turn To Zelensky

Belarusians Of Ukraine Turn To Zelensky

As well as to the Prime Minister and the Verkhovna Rada.

Belarusians fighting in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and engaged in volunteer activities in Ukraine are experiencing great difficulties with legalization.

This is stated in the appeal of the charitable foundation “Vilna Bilorus” to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, writes “Salidarnasts”.

“Dozens of thousands of Belarusian citizens now live on the territory of Ukraine. Hundreds of them serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, hundreds are engaged in volunteer activities. Some expressed a desire to acquire Ukrainian citizenship, but encountered difficulties that they were unable to overcome,” the appeal says.

According to Ukrainian legislation, in order to legally reside in the country it is necessary to submit a number of documents. Among them are a police clearance certificate, an obligation to suspend citizenship of the Republic of Belarus, a RR series passport, and in some cases, apostilization of documents.

Receiving and formalizing all these documents is possible only on the territory of Belarus, according to the legislation of which citizens fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and helping them are recognized as criminals.

“Return to Belarus for a Belarusian who serves in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, or a Belarusian volunteer who helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine, will inevitably lead to imprisonment and torture. Their life and health are under serious threat,” the message notes.

The appeal reminds that it is impossible to contact the Belarusian consulate to formalize and receive documents, because the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Belarus in Ukraine has ceased its work.

The resulting situation led to the fact that Belarusians were forced to turn to the Ukrainian authorities for help. They ask that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine initiate the adoption of a resolution that, during the period of martial law, would provide for a number of exceptions for citizens of Belarus performing military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as volunteers applying for a temporary or permanent residence permit, as well as those wishing to acquire Ukrainian citizenship.

In particular, Belarusians are asking for a declaration of renunciation of citizenship of the Republic of Belarus, for the abolition of obligatory provision of a police clearance certificate and the requirement for apostilization of documents, for the possibility of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship with a Belarusian passport of the MR series.

In addition, Belarusians ask to consider the possibility of recognizing expired passports of Belarusian citizens on the territory of Ukraine during the period of martial law.

“In the future, we propose to solve this problem by defining at the legislative level the procedure and conditions for issuing Belarusian citizens legally residing on the territory of Ukraine and having expired passports, a Ukrainian identity document that allows them to cross the state border of Ukraine, for example, a foreigner’s passport,” says the appeal.

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