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‘Naked’ Party Organiser Ivleeva Punished For Discrediting Russian Army

‘Naked’ Party Organiser Ivleeva Punished For Discrediting Russian Army

The sentence has been delivered today.

Anastasia Ivleeva, who organised the scandalous ‘naked’ party, was fined 50 thousand Russian rubles (1773 Belarusian rubles) under the article on discrediting the Russian army, Baza writes.

The reason for the fine was the Instagram post she posted on March 1, 2022.

Ivleeva's lawyers said in court that the statute of limitations on this article is three months, which means that Ivleeva could not be punished. Moreover, three months expired not only from the moment when Anastasia posted her post, but also from the moment of its discovery by police officers (the report shows the date of January 11, 2024).

In addition, the lawyers said that this article was adopted after Ivleeva published her post, and therefore the proceedings should be terminated. Ivleeva herself also did not admit guilt.

We remind you, in December last year Lefortovo court of Moscow found Anastasia Ivleeva guilty of organising a mass gathering of citizens in a public place, resulting in a violation of public order (part 1 of article of the Administrative Code).

She was fined 100 thousand rubles. The reason for the administrative case was the organisation of a ‘naked’ party (almost naked party) in the club of ‘Mutabor’ on December 21, 2023.

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