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Lithuania To Help Ukraine Return Men Of Military Age

Lithuania To Help Ukraine Return Men Of Military Age

It will focus on Poland’s experience in this matter.

Lithuanian Defense Minister Laurynas Kasčiūnas admits that it is necessary to think about how to help Ukraine return military-age men who left the country. According to the minister, Lithuania is not yet considering specific measures for this and is monitoring what decisions Poland makes.

“The direction is right. (...) It is probably difficult to say yet what measures this will transform into. Apparently, this will need to be discussed specifically,” the Minister told reporters in the Seimas on Thursday.

“Of course, no one will collect them and take them to Ukraine — this will not happen. But (it is possible to restrict these persons) in social benefits, work permits, documents — these are options, as I heard, the Polish side is considering. So let’s wait and see what option they offer, maybe it will be suitable for Lithuania too,” added Laurynas Kasčiūnas.

The exact number of Ukrainians of military age in Lithuania is still difficult to determine, the Minister admits.

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