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Tsertsel Scaring Lukashenka With Lithuanian Drone Attack On Minsk

Tsertsel Scaring Lukashenka With Lithuanian Drone Attack On Minsk

Lithuanian authorities called it nonsense.

Belarusian special services have allegedly ‘prevented drone strikes from the territory of Lithuania on the objects in Minsk.’ This was reported by KGB head Ivan Tsertsel at 'the All-Belarusian People's Assembly' on April 25.

'Radicals in Lithuania and Poland produce combat drones to strike critical facilities in Belarus,' said Ivan Tsertsel.

According to the KGB head, ‘neighbouring Lithuania has become the base of the Vilnius standard,’ where ‘under the guidance of radicals’ and ‘in direct contact with the Lithuanian paramilitary formation of “Club of Riflemen” they are developing plans to enter to commit terrorist attacks in the territory of adjacent to Lithuania Ashmiany, Smarhon and Braslau districts, transfer and organise caches of weapons, explosives and other means of destruction in Belarus.’

‘The KGB, in co-operation with colleagues from other structures, has recently carried out a number of acute Chekist measures, which made it possible to prevent strikes by military drones from the territory of Lithuania against facilities in Minsk and its suburbs. We continue to work in this area, while it's not yet possible to provide detailed information to the public,’ said Tsertsel.

Lithuania Comments On Tsertsel's Statement About ‘Drone Attack’

Lithuanian army strategic communications spokesman Gintautas Ciunis called it disinformation, LRT wrote.

'100 per cent that it is disinformation,' Gintautas Ciunis said. 'It's nonsense that Lithuania would carry out a drone attack on Belarus, I can't find another word for it'.

The speaker added that such statements from the Belarusian officials cause ‘only a smile’.

Representative of the Lithuanian Army Commander Živilė Didžgalvienė also denied the information, spread by the KGB head.

'Hostile information activities are characterised by disinformation and false accusations. The Lithuanian Army has not taken and does not take any hostile actions against other countries,' Živilė Didžgalvienė said.

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