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Major Gazprom Refinery Shuts Down

Major Gazprom Refinery Shuts Down

Following the three Rosneft refineries.

The Russian economy continues to lose fuel production capacity due to accidents and drone raids, which managed to "knock out" a tenth of the country's petrol output in just three weeks of March, The Moscow Times writes.

Following the three Rosneft refineries that were attacked by Ukrainian UAVs, one of Gazprom's largest plants, the Astrakhan gas processing plant, shut down.

The plant, which processes gas condensate and produces petrol and diesel for Russia's southern regions, stopped processing feedstock on March 31, industry sources told Reuters.

They said the plant needed unscheduled repairs, the timing of which is still unknown.

According to the annual repair plan for Russian refineries, the Astrakhan GPP was scheduled to be shut down between May 10 and September 7.

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