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AFU Major: Belarusian Soldiers Don’t Want To Fight Either For Putin Or Lukashenka

AFU Major: Belarusian Soldiers Don’t Want To Fight Either For Putin Or Lukashenka

They can take up arms in other direction.

Lukashenka said that he was preparing for war. However, he is very scared and in case of issuing a command to his troops, Belarusian volunteers will be able to stop the advance of the troops.

This opinion was expressed to Channel 24 by a veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, reserve major Oleksiy Hetman, noting that the Belarusian soldiers do not want to fight for either Vladimir Putin or Lukashenka. He also added that if Lukashenka decides on the offensive, the Ukrainian troops will not be long in coming.

Belarusian volunteers are fighting on the side of Ukraine. According to a veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, they’ve repeatedly said that if the Belarusians go on the offensive in Ukraine, they ask their units to be sent to them to "talk".

– There are many acquaintances and Belarusians who are fighting on the side of Ukraine, they say that they will be able to convince a large number of Belarusian soldiers who definitely do not want to go to fight for Putin or Lukashenka. These Belarusian units may take up arms in the other direction," Hetman said.

Lukashenka is afraid that Belarusian troops will be able to turn back and says that it is necessary to prepare for war to "fight back". Belarus, they say, is not going to attack anyone. He is afraid that the Belarusian military with signs of the Belarusian army (chevrons, flags) will cross the border with Ukraine and make an offensive attempt.

"Diplomatic ties with Belarus will be immediately severed after this and we will have every right to attack the territories from which they attack us," the veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war commented.

Lukashenka is also afraid that the international community will not forgive him for attacking Ukraine and no one will shake his hand.

– Lukashenka thinks that there are no such claims against him, because he, they say, does not conduct hostilities, and this is done by Russia. I think that Putin will force him to sit next to him in the dock," Hetman said.

If Lukashenka decides to give an order to his troops to attack Ukraine, then, according to the veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, there will be talk that it is also impossible to shoot at the territory of Belarus. To call not to strike Russia, Ukraine responded that Ukrainians should defend their country. The same will happen with the northern neighbour.

"I am sure that if he decides to give command to his troops, then after a retaliatory strike from us on military facilities in Belarus, a destructive process may begin inside the country," Hetman added.

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