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Unprecedented Attack By Ukraine: Over Hundred Drones Hit Russia And Crimea

Unprecedented Attack By Ukraine: Over Hundred Drones Hit Russia And Crimea

Ports, oil depots and military objects of the occupiers were attacked.

Last night, Ukraine launched a massive drone attack on the Russian Federation and the Crimea. Explosions occurred in Novorossiysk, Tuapse, Sevastopol and the Belgorod region.

At least 26 explosions occurred in Novorossiysk, Krasnodar Territory of the Russian Federation, and the local seaport was left without electricity. There was also no electricity in part of the city.

Local residents also claim that the oil depot was hit.

Russian public pages report that drones attacked the Novorossiysk fuel oil terminal and the Transneft terminal.

Facilities in Russian Tuapse also came under attack. The drones attacked the Tuapse Oil Refinery (owned by Rosneft), which has already been the target of drones more than once, as well as other oil refining facilities in Russia. Eyewitnesses filmed a video of a drone crash and a fire on the territory of the plant.

There were two drones in total; as a result of the fall of one of them, a fire occurred on the territory of the oil refinery; there were no casualties, the operational headquarters of the regional administration reported. The fire was localized at night and was completely extinguished only after 9 am.

In annexed Sevastopol, classes in schools, colleges and kindergartens were canceled due to rolling power outages, since the Sevastopol substation was damaged after a massive attack on the city.

It will take at least a day to fully restore operation of the substation, the authorities warned.

At night, naval aviation and patrol boats of the Russian Black Sea Fleet destroyed six unmanned boats.

Naval drones attacked Crimea and the day before, on May 16, the Russian military reported 15 downed targets.

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