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SSU, Defense Intelligence Attacked Object That ‘Superiors Crimean Bridge’

SSU, Defense Intelligence Attacked Object That ‘Superiors Crimean Bridge’

A military expert revealed the details.

The Security Service of Ukraine and the Defense Intelligence organized attacks in Sevastopol, Novorossiysk and Tuapse on the night of May 17.

On Channel 24, military expert, instructor pilot and reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Roman Svitan explained the importance of Novorossiysk.

Attack on Novorossiysk

According to Svitan, the Novorossiysk terminal surpasses the Crimean Bridge in importance of destruction. It, of course, must also be destroyed and, most likely, in the near future.

“However, it is through Novorossiysk that the main flow of Russia’s hydrocarbon sector goes through – about 60%. Through one port, 60%. This is the currency that goes back to the Russians. Accordingly, this is the destruction of currency posts,” explained the military expert.

He added that, in addition, the Novorossiysk port itself is the base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

“Most likely they spent a long time preparing. To prepare an attack of this type, it is necessary that local resistance groups also work. This is such a voluminous work of the Ukrainian Defense Forces,” said Roman Svitan.

The military expert noted that this is not the last blow. It will take a dozen more times to completely exclude it from economic, energy and military circulation.

Attack on Sevastopol

During a drone attack on May 17, power went out in a number of areas of occupied Sevastopol.

Roman Svitan explained that this was the destruction of energy facilities that power military installations. Sevastopol is a military bay — airfields, air defense systems, the Black Sea Fleet, its bases.

“This all hangs at the energy facilities of Sevastopol itself. That is why this is also one of the main goals when planning and conducting future attacks,” said the military expert.

“The disabling of energy facilities puts an end to almost the entire military production until they switch to additional means of generation. There is time for the missiles to arrive and fulfill their task. This is also such a complex blow,” Svitan added.

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