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12 People ‘Enter The Wrong Door’ In Homel

12 People ‘Enter The Wrong Door’ In Homel

The party ended with 47 reports and two criminal cases.

A “memorable” party was thrown in the 51st microdistrict of Homel.

Information about the place and time of collection was published on the Internet. As a result, 12 people came. Mostly minors, many were strangers to each other.

After 11 pm the noise continued and neighbors called the police. The police found that the young people had alcohol, and took everyone to the police station.

“The party participants underwent an examination mandatory in such cases, and it turned out that they all drank alcohol. The parents were immediately called to the department, and administrative measures had already been taken against them. For the violators themselves, everything turned out to be registration at the drug dispensary and the juvenile affairs inspectorate. Educational institutions where the children study are also notified,” said Aliaksandr Krasouski, head of the drug control and anti-trafficking department of the Savetski District Department of Internal Affairs.

The further the more. In the phone of a 20-year-old partygoer, police officers found nude photographs of a minor student of one of the city's colleges. And since the guy sent the photo to his friends, his actions fell under an article about the production and distribution of child pornography. Now the offender faces a prison sentence.

The owner of the apartment got it too. It turned out that he was under the liberty restriction without being sent to a specialized facility for evading the army.

After the party, the guy’s punishment was tightened. As a result, he went to serve his sentence in a colony.

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