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US Military Landed In Moldova

US Military Landed In Moldova

What's going on?

A C-17 aircraft of the National Air Guard of North Carolina, USA, landed at Chisinau airport in Moldova.

American troops arrived in Moldova for the "Peace Shield" exercises.

According to the US Embassy in Moldova, a total of 35 soldiers from the North Carolina Guard and the US Air Force in Europe arrived. They should organize and conduct exercises for Moldovan officials.

"In cooperation with the ministries of Moldova (the US military) should work out the response tactics necessary to ensure the safety of Moldovan citizens in case of emergencies," the embassy said.

In addition, it is known that the aircraft delivered to Chisinau medical equipment for the Ministry of Defence of Moldova "within the framework of American assistance".

“The United States is proud to work with the government and people of Moldova in pursuit of a democratic, prosperous, and secure future,” U.S. diplomats said.

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