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Belaruskaia Vyvedka: Lukashenka Summoned Prosecutor General In Panic

Belaruskaia Vyvedka: Lukashenka Summoned Prosecutor General In Panic

The dictator conferred "special powers" on the Shved.

Immediately after the Supreme People's Assembly, Lukashenka invited Prosecutor General Shved for a personal conversation, according to the Belaruskaia Vyvedka "Belarusian Intelligence' Telegram channel.

Sources of the channel report that they were talking about the possible appointment of him to the post of head of the Lukashenka's administration. The dictator suggested that the Prosecutor General prepare and implement a comprehensive scheme for prosecuting the opposition abroad, hinting that his appointment to "such a responsible post" would directly depend on the result.

Lukashenka complained about the "fugitives" and their increased activities abroad.

He called for "preventing impunity", demanded once and for all to "shut up the fugitives", deprive them of everything and do not hesitate to take hostages in the form of relatives, saying that they are at war.

In other words, he conferred “special powers” on the Shved. Shved, in turn, vowed to do everything in his power and immediately proceeded to the scheme of "sometimes not up to the laws."

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