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Authorities Find Another 70,000 'Parasites' In Belarus

Authorities Find Another 70,000 'Parasites' In Belarus

The police made lists.

The police organized work to "ensure discipline and public order" at the facilities of the agriculture and industry and in the country as a whole, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus reported on Sunday, May 19.

To do this, police patrolled villages in special groups. The result was the compilation of lists of unemployed villagers.

The police acted in accordance with the instructions of Aliaksandr Lukashenka, which he gave on April 16 at a meeting on rural development and improving the efficiency of the agricultural sector.

"Thus, among the innovations introduced is the patrolling of rural settlements by police mobile combat groups. Such forces have already started working in more than 400 villages and agro-towns," the Interior Ministry said.

Also, the police formed "lists of unemployed working-age villagers."

"There are more than 70,000 such people in the country. Of these, more than three thousand are registered as domestic scandals, more than six thousand are previously convicted. Targeted preventive work is carried out with these categories, in which not only police officers are involved, but also other interested parties," the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported.

During the month, the police visited 700 families of "parasites with minor children or elderly people." In respect of more than a thousand citizens, written information was sent to the Commission for the Promotion of Employment. As a result, 250 people were employed.

"The document provides for the employment of persons subjected to administrative arrest (at their request). More than 50 contracts have been concluded with agricultural and industry facilities, according to which more than 400 such citizens have already received temporary work," the MIA said and promised that such activities will continue.

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