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China Mocks Putin

China Mocks Putin

The audacity of the remarks points to an important circumstance.

Chinese social media are an excellent indicator of the true "weight" of Putin's Chinese pilgrimage.

Judging by the audacity of most of the remarks, the population of China knows that censorship is not going to protect the "image" of the Kremlin dictator from ridicule and bullying.

The most frequent motive for the remarks (with variations) was the belief that China was saving stupid Russia.

“Russia was not ready for war. If it were not for the generosity of the Chinese people, it would have been defeated long ago.”

“Thanks to the deliberate policies of our government, the once economic and military superpower is now completely dependent on our economy.”

In second place - mockery directly over Putin.

“Putin often visits China. He might want to open his own shop here, too.”

Aleksandr Nevzorov, «Телеграм»

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