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Powerful Explosion On Ukraine-Belarus Border

Powerful Explosion On Ukraine-Belarus Border

What happened?

In the Volyn region, near the road on the border with Belarus, mines detonated on May 20. The explosion seriously damaged a truck that was just passing along the highway; two people were injured.

The detonation occurred due to weather conditions: on May 20, Volyn was covered with rain and thunderstorms. The mines were probably triggered by a lightning strike. Details of the event and the causes of the emergency were revealed by the publication “Konkurent” with a reference to the press service of the local police.

The explosion damaged the M19 highway in the Girnyky-Damanava section. On May 20 and 21, a detour was organized.

According to Konkurent, a minefield detonated near the border village of Damanava as a result of worsening weather conditions. An Iveco truck was damaged, the 58-year-old driver was injured and taken to hospital.

A 25-year-old passenger in the vehicle also suffered minor injuries. He was not hospitalized.

“The information is registered in the unified register of citizens’ statements and messages about criminal offenses and other events. The materials will be sent to the State Bureau of Investigation,” law enforcement officials said.

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