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Stepan Grigoryan: Armenian Authorities Won't Forget Lukashenka's Words

Stepan Grigoryan: Armenian Authorities Won't Forget Lukashenka's Words

Belarusian dictator's misbehavior caused a resonance.

Lukashenka flew to Azerbaijan and got into a scandal. At a press conference following the meeting with Azerbaijani leader Ilham Aliyev, he said the following: "I remembered our conversation before the war, before your liberation war, when we philosophically talked at dinner together. Then we concluded that it is possible to win the war."

How did Armenia, which is formally a military ally of Belarus in the CSTO, react to these words? Charter97.org addressed these questions to Stepan Grigoryan, one of the leaders of the democratic movement in Armenia in the 1990s, a former deputy of the Supreme Council of the Republic and former Ambassador of Armenia to Russia:

— It got a resonance in society. Lukashenka's misbehaviour were criticized by experts, the issue was raised by political forces. However, there was no reaction from the authorities.

I note that, of course, Lukashenka has his own interests and is trying to push them through. He wants Belarus to participate in this when construction works begin on the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. After all, Azerbaijan invests a lot of money there.

I emphasize that he takes all the steps in order to lobby his interests. An important role is played by the fact that they are kindred spirits with Aliyev. Characters with dictatorial habits, so they are in solidarity with each other.

We always say to the leadership of Armenia: "You have nothing to do in the CSTO. Russia and Belarus are not your allies. You have to get out of there.”

— Will these words and actions affect the relationship between official Minsk and Yerevan?

— At the moment, both formally and officially, our authorities have not responded. But in fact, we will become more and more distant. Of course, the Armenian authorities will not forget these words.

Armenia froze its participation in the CSTO. Next is the question of leaving this organization. In my opinion, nothing is being done in bilateral relations.

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